If you have been brought here from the homepage, then you are here to foresee the future in the northeastern Ohio area. We have been working hard with our titles that are currently in development. Our mission is to bring jobs in the great industry of city to the City of Cleveland. So many dreams and so many ideas have to move out west or south when it should not have to. This will bring more motivation for the youth in the community of Cleveland as more opportunities will show up in the future! How are we going to do this?

We are going to work hard and devote our time to bring top quality titles for mobile devices and for virtual reality as these market places really drive out a great rate of competition but also opportunity to earn funds to work on even bigger projects in the future including equipment and team members to help us embark on this great journey to success.

We develop our games in UNREAL ENGINE 4 and use other outside IDE’s to develop our games as EPIC GAMES has developed top notch solutions for the indie game development community as the engine comes free and as you make profit, you only pay for royalties on the use of the engine which brings low income based companies or startups to bring out their ideas and dreams to the open market.

Our first title is set for release on JULY 8th 2017. The game will be released on the PlayStation Store, Apple and Android’s App Stores and our public online server. We are set for the games announcement in just a couple of weeks. After months and months of hard work and time put into this project, we are extremely happy to drop this title to the public as there are more to come.

We will soon have more announcements to make as we grow and continue to work on our projects as there is another title set to drop this fall. I hope and the team hopes that we can really get things going here as the industry continues growth.


Dylan J. Hamilton

Creative Director