Call43 Studio will be expanding their development effective. May 15, 2018. We have settled with our vendors for App, Software and Game Development and will no longer be working with them on our own apps. Call43 Studio now has a Developer Profile in both Google Play store for Android customers and the Apple App Store for iOS customers. We are currently working on a couple of titles that are to be released tentatively this year in Q3 / Q4.


This was a process that needed to be done so that we can establish ourselves as our own identity in the app stores so we can develop our apps with our name written on it. It brings a sense of pride and dignity.

-Dylan J. Hamilton – Creative Director, Call43 Studio


With us having  a presence in these stores, we will be deploying our apps when they are ready. Please stay tuned for a Announcement for our First Title that will be released exclusively on the Apple App Store this year.